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Certifications and safetydata sheets


All products Hard CLOUD Malta  have the certification in compliance with the EU directives 2001/95 / EEC, 2006/95 EC, 2004/108 EC, 2011/65 / EU.

Given the many requests from our customers, we specify that the certification does not stop at one incision of the letters CE on a single product; this symbol with no reference is useless.

To obtain certification, the importer or manufacturer, must adhere to the processes of control and testing; certification is designed to ensure the end user "what they are buying" and "as you use", this by means of manual or reference tags to the manuals.

Then the dealer who buys a product already certified, is not required to keep the safety data sheets available to the authorities, as it remains responsible person who issued the certification.


The steam and the health impact


The growing success met by the electronic cigarette Hard CLOUD Malta is probably given for the most part by the fact that the device keeps in all its forms not only the classic gestures of traditional cigarette, but also for the actual production of smoke (steam, actually) that inhaled and exhaled, can reproduce the same feelings of traditional cigarette, ie the "shot in the throat" (which in slang is called hit), aroma and flavor warned in the mouth and nose, the feeling of filling lungs caused by smoking and, not least, their production and emission of the beloved "little cloud" with a lot of softness in the mouth.

Main cause of smoke in the electronic cigarette liquid is vegetable glycerol (or glycerin). If on the one hand a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin is a guarantee of greater smoke production (and thus of greater satisfaction in those who search the electronic cigarette a viable alternative to tobacco), on the other hand, there are concerns related to the use of this substance.

At high temperatures, in fact, the glycerin decomposes into acrolein. But this is not normally temperatures are reached from the atomizer if the electronic cigarette is used in "normal" conditions, because the liquid is able to moisten and cool the atomizer preventing it from reaching high temperatures and burn.

Propylene glycol, another component of the liquid, once overheated instead produces little smoke, which is why it is mainly used to enhance the hit to be more marked.

In the vapor of electronic cigarettes Hard CLOUD Malta may or may not put the liquid with nicotine, that aspiration is introduced into our body like a normal tobacco cigarette, food flavorings mainly in propylene glycol to give taste to the "smoke", water vapor and other ingredients of various liquids on the market.

Although devoid of carcinogenic substances allegedly found in cigarette smoke, the steam produced by the electronic cigarette does not go still considered "healthy.

 Its toxicity can be reasonably considered more moderate, but there are no studies on the long term. Some side effects may be given by the simple allergy / intolerance to a chemical ingredient.

These side effects can still be avoided by using vegetable liquid products from DKS and distributed by Hard CLOUD Malta


What (not) contain


The liquid that is vaporized and inhaled, contains vegetable glycerin (abbreviated VG), propylene glycol (abbreviated as PG), not to be confused with ethylene glycol, the antifreeze !, water, flavorings and nicotine (optional).

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are substances used for some time in the cosmetic industry as a base of creams and ointments in the pharmaceutical industry and for oral administration.

Vegetable glycerine, more correctly glycerol, is a colorless liquid, thick, viscous, sweet, humectant, hygroscopic. It is a by-product of the processing plant and is used in many everyday products such as syrups, pharmaceutical and cosmetic creams; also is a food additive, distinguished by the logo E422. It is miscible in water in all proportions.

The vegetable glycerin is the substance of the liquid which gives the smokiness.

More vegetable glycerin is as this will result smoky liquid. Propylene glycol is a colorless, tasteless, humectant, hygroscopic, has bacteriostatic properties and will keep for many years without any alteration.

It is used as a food additive distinguished by the logo E1520, pharmaceutical excipient, a carrier for flavors and is used in herbal preparations. Together with vegetable glycerin makes up about 80% of electronic cigarette liquid.

There are various pharmacological degrees that distinguish the propylene glycol; that of our interest has the highest degree of purity (USP or FU), which guarantees the absence of contaminants.

The properties of the glycol, in addition to that of spray, but with much less smoke than the vegetable glycerin, it is to enhance the hit of nicotine.

vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol are also present in cigarette tobacco as humectants in the order 1-1.5%.

Water is like the one that comes out of our taps.

It can also be used mineral water, osmotic or distilled. It constitutes about 10% of our liquid. The nicotine while not necessary for the success of the liquid as in smoke, proves important because present in cigarettes, and creates a certain level of dependency at low concentrations.

It is extracted from tobacco and is a toxic substance and vasoconstrictor.

It is due to nicotine we hear the shot in the throat that gives us a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

The unit of measurement with which is indicated in the electronic cigarette liquid is mg / mL. I mg expressed on tobacco packages are intended as inhaled by a person for each cigarette smoked and not as present in the same, while the mg / ml of nicotine liquids are those expressed in the present, which will be vaporized (not in all), inspired and exhaled.

It can not therefore be made a comparison between the two amounts if not with due approximation.

The aromas are used to give flavor to the liquid.

They are common food flavorings, used in the confectionery and food.

There are companies who are specializing in creating special flavors for electronic cigarette trying to emulate the taste of tobacco, with satisfactory results, but you can use the most varied flavors: vanilla, cocoa, coffee, rum, and many others.

It is flavored typically in the order of 3-10%. Nicotine is addictive and is surely, along with gestures, the main anchor that keeps a smoker linked to cigarette.

But it is certainly not the most dangerous substance in cigarettes. Indeed, to be honest no one ever died because of nicotine and according to some studies it seems that his vasoconstrictor power is not actually never scientifically proven.

Furthermore, nicotine slightly accelerates the heartbeat, giving the feeling of having more energy, it also stimulates the metabolism, reduces fat absorption and is shown, helps in the prevention of Parkinson's disease.

In short, it is a poison so much as it is caffeine. Just do not abuse it.

And if you did not know, you know that it is also contained in tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and peppers.


Electronic cigarettes can contain nicotine or not.


Who goes from traditional cigarettes to electronic, however, hardly be able to go directly to 0 nicotine.

The most common path is to part ire from an average alcohol content and then come down over time to lower or no gradations.

It is also very important to say what it does not contain the electronic cigarette: it does not make either tar or carbon monoxide, which are the two most harmful substances produced by the smoke of ordinary cigarettes.

A person who smokes an electronic cigarette does not increase the amount of carbon monoxide in their breath, contrary to what happens to a smoker of 'traditional cigarettes'.


Because there is so much demand?


The electronic cigarette Hard CLOUD Malta was born as an aid for smokers who have decided to stop with cigarettes or dramatically Calame the daily number.

The purpose of the electronic cigarette Hard CLOUD Malta is to "imitate" giving a cigarette to the smoker of similar sensations to those he has with the traditional cigarettes, but without danger to his health and a much lower price.

It's up to each of us to decide whether to abandon gradually also the electronic cigarette and quit altogether, or to "convert" to something more healthy without taking the pleasure of smoking.

The electronic smoke, although new technology and little experienced in clinical and medical, offers an alternative to smoking, by removing the combustion, or the destructive process obtained at high temperatures, responsible irreversible alteration of the constituent components of the traditional cigarette.

It 'obvious that the best thing would be not to inhale more than pure air, however for those who have nicotine addiction, or who derive pleasure in smoking the cigarette elettronica Hard CLOUD Malta represents a significant improvement in quality of life.


Why does it work?


It works because it mimics the feeling that the smoker tries, namely the shot in the throat, the taste, the smoke, nicotine (which may be present in amounts varying from high to nothing), but without combustion.

The electronic cigarette Hard CLOUD Malta is also called "vaporizer" because it does nothing to heat a liquid, consisting of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, both harmless and used for some time in the food and cosmetics, so that until it becomes steam.

The smoker has a cigarette so that it behaves like a "traditional" but it does not hurt, it saves, it does not yellow your teeth, you can smoke in public places, it does not smell bad environments and clothes, and above all it is not a carcinogen.


The electronic cigarette does quitting smoking?


The electronic cigarette Hard CLOUD Malta is not a medical facility against smoking so it is not able, by itself, to stop smoking.

Given that with a good dose of "good will", the electronic cigaretteHard CLOUD Malta can help you quit smoking by taking (if desired) nicotine without taking all the toxic substances of conventional cigarettes.

It can also keep the gestures, the traditional tobacco cigarette, as well as physical addiction to nicotine, a "behavioral" addiction.

The smoker is forced to gestures of smoking that makes it more difficult to quit.

The electronic cigarette Hard CLOUD Malta keeps gestures including that of "see the smoke coming from the cigarette".

Allows to gradually abandon the nicotine could choose without this component liquids

And if you still will power is not enough to succeed in quitting, you can reduce the number of traditional cigarettes.


Why should I quit smoking?


Here, briefly, step by step the benefits from quitting smoking:

After 20 minutes, the blood pressure returns to normal.

After 8 hours, the carbon monoxide level in the blood decreases and breaths better.

After 12 hours the lungs are able to function in a better way.

After 24 hours, hair and breath do not stink anymore.

After two days the nicotine and its metabolites disappear from the body, the sense of taste and smell improve.

From two weeks to three months, work or physical activities are easier, and you have more energy; physical appearance improves, no more yellow teeth and fingers, the skin is shiny, the hair smell.

Chronic cough tends to decrease. After one year, the risk of malignant disease, stroke and other diseases is reduced.

After 5 years, the risk of death from lung cancer is reduced by 50%, and after 15 years the risk is equal to that of a nonsmoker.

After years, it decreases the risk of cancer in other parts of the body.

For diseases to blood vessels, the risk is reduced gradually.

Every smoker knows that each cigarette smoked is not an obvious gain in terms of money and health.


As you smoke the electronic cigarette?


The way of the e-cigarette smoking is very different from the way of smoking a traditional cigarette.

This premise is very important, because knowing the difference, you can avoid the common mistakes that you normally do when you switch from real cigarette to the electronic cigarette.

The way to pull the electronic cigarette, is completely different from the traditional tobacco.

While in the traditional cigarette making dry and decided throws, for the electronic cigarette is pulled slowly and gently, steadily for the duration of 3 or 4 seconds. A dry firing and decided with electronic cigarette involves surely little steam plus the chance to get a look "drink" of the liquid contained in the cartridge (in this case, we always recommend to go and rinse your mouth immediately).


The first uses little pampering


The first uses will always be little pampering, then begin the break-in period that will end when the sprayer is completely soak the cartridge liquid.

The break-in period may last for a few minutes.


How does it work


The operation of the electronic cigarette Hard CLOUD Malta is pretty simple.

First of all, it can be manual or automatic.

In the first case the operation is triggered by pressing a button on the side of the battery, the second is automatic at the time of the shot.

The battery, the tail end of the cigarette, the atomizer provides energy, placed between the cartridge and the battery itself.

The atomizer heats the liquid that is contained in the cartridge and this is vaporized and exits from the hole on the cartridge ending up in the mouth of the smoker.

The electronic cigarette does not burn, and therefore not consumed, it contains no tar or tobacco.


Recharge the battery with USB cable


And 'possible to charge the electronic cigarette via the USB cable.

The USB cable connects to a port predisposed computer.

Recharging takes place only when the computer is on.


What is the atomizer?


The atomizer is the heart of the electronic cigarette. It consists of a metallic device consisting of a resistance placed in a vaporization chamber.

Activating the atomizer will be the way to the liquid spraying contained in the cartridge.


How long does it last


What displaces more the smoker that test for the first time the electronic cigarette is its durability.

A recharge allows you to do many shots as many as three or four traditional cigarettes that the smoker is set and decide when smoked enough.

The first time you will find yourself to smoke a lot, but after a short time you will adjust and, indeed, often just do some shooting without feeling compelled to "finish the cigarette" as happened previously.

The elements that make up the electronic cigarette are all "consumable" and can be replaced once exhausted their life cycle.

By making substitutions at the right time the cigarette life is thus theoretically unlimited.

The duration of the average electrical charge of a battery (fully charged) is about 100/150 "shots", the equivalent of 12/15 traditional cigarettes.

Clearly, the duration of the same is influenced by the style of smoked of each.

The battery Hard CLOUD Malta Lithium has an average life of 300 charging cycles. No special treatment is necessary, but to fully discharge occasionally before recharging.

Batteries Hard CLOUD Malta have already charged 60% The approximate duration of the individual elements that make up the electronic cigarette is the following: - Battery 4/6 months - Atomizer 1/2 months The durations are indicative and quantified in situations of constant use of the product. They can vary greatly depending on frequency of use and how to use. The USB cable can also be inserted in the feeder to be connected to a standard 220V household outlet or power supply for the car.


What maintenance should be done?


All you have to do to keep more efficient your cigarette is cleaning the atomizer and battery:

1. Unscrew the atomizer from the battery.

2. Clean the atomizer and the battery connection with a clean dry cloth or paper towel (Or moistened with pure alcohol).


Atomizer impregnated with liquid although again?


When you shop for the first time the electronic cigarette, you will have a new atomizer, impregnated with a protective liquid inserted by the factory to prevent accidental burns on first use.

The liquid is generally inserted always tasteless, bland and not very efficient.


The battery lock


Most electronic cigarettes Hard CLOUD Malta have a security system that locks the battery when the shooting lasts more than a certain number of seconds, or when you accidentally press the power button (and keep it in your pocket bag etc.).

This serves to protect the atomizer from overheating and burns, the maximum draw time varies, depending on the model from 5 to 8 seconds.

This protection system is not on automatic battery, also because there is a risk of accidental starting and the draft is never so lasting burn the atomizer.


What are the precautions for the use of the electronic cigarette?


  • Carefully read the manual of instructions
  • evaluate the composition of the liquid and before inhaling
  • do not swallow the liquid to svapare
  • not tamper with or puncture the body hardware
  • not wet hardware
  • Keep away from sources of heat both the hardware and the liquid to be svapare
  • do not leave the device in hot or cold environments
  • too high or too low temperatures can damage and shorten the life of electrical circuits and batteries
  • do not use corrosive chemicals, solvents or aggressive detergents to clean the device.
  • Only use a soft, clean, dry
  • use the AC adapter indoors and disconnect it from the electrical plug and the device when not in use do not leave the fully charged device power adapter,
  • since overcharging may shorten its duration if feeling strange odor (burned) or notice color changes, warping or any other deterioration or malfunction,
  • do not use batteries; immediately unplug the power supply and contact your dealer
  • It is forbidden to use it for children under eighteen years old and to pregnant women
  • do not use in the presence of respiratory and / or cardiovascular diseases and allergies to substances present in the filters
  • Always dispose of used electronic products and used batteries to a dedicated collection point
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